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Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Training has been one of Colorado's premier Motorcycle Training companies

HOWEVER - FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Training is in the process of selling it's motorcycle training business and therefore, there are no further classes that will be scheduled for June, July nor through the rest of the year. If you are interested in discussing the purchase of our program, please either e-mail us (by clicking "Contact Us" on the blue bar located on the left side of this page) or phone us for further information (303) 485-7171.
Thank you.

For a similar RMMT-BRC course, we would recommend contacting one of the three following programs: 1) T3RG  2) ABATE or 3) Rick Orlando Motorcycle School. All of these programs have an equivalent BRC course as RMMT's and we would highly recommend any one of them. All three of these programs may be accessed on the internet.

In completing the registration information: note that an email address is essential information as the notification of your approval for a class is automatically routed to your email address. PLEASE double check the accuracy of your email address before continuing with your registration information.

In addition to our motorcycles we also currently have three Schwinn motor scooters (150cc & 50cc scooters) which are available for use in our courses.   For your information, riding a scooter in our training program qualifies you for a motorcycle endorsement in the state of Colorado. PLEASE INFORM US IF YOU WANT TO TRAIN ON ONE OF OUR SCOOTERS IN YOUR CLASS AS WE HAVE LIMITED AVAILABILITY AND THEY MUST BE SCHEDULED FOR YOUR USE (Please check YES to the question, "Do you plan to train on an RMMT scooter in our class" when you are completing the registration form.)

Again, if you have any further questions regarding any training issues, please contact us at (303) 485-7171.Our website has online registration (24 hour) functionality. RMMT is endorsed by: Motorcycle Operator Safety Training The Motorcycle Safety Foundation All motorcycles will be provided by Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Training. The motorcycles that are provided range in engine size from 125cc - 250cc, most are 250cc. Please see About Us for representative bikes.